What Is Said By Those That Know

Vision & Leadership

“All along, Matt has been a stand-out business leader, not only providing value added vision and solutions but as importantly, mentoring me and my team to help setting the right strategy & implement it. Matt is the kind of leader you can rely on at any time. A perfect combination of technical knowledge with strong and fluid business acumen to help driving change and grow companies. As a consultant, I have no doubt that he will perform above expectations to meet his client’s needs.”
Aviation Interiors Senior Director Sales & Strategy

working with customers

“I have worked with Matthew on a new development…he was a reliable partner in terms of project planning, technical exchange and knowledge.”
Aviation Industry Customer
“We choose to work with consultants that have the knowledge to move our businesses forward. However, there are many consulting practices that have knowledge, but few with the character and integrity of Matthew Harthcock. Along with Matthew’s years of experience and vast knowledge, his character is of the highest level, and that is why he would be at the top of my list!”
Director of Small Business & Technology Development Center


“As a customer of a very technical product of ours…Matthew demonstrated a high degree of technical competence and leadership in many facets including process engineering, chemistry, analysis, design of experiment, and lean principles. He is a total and trustworthy professional.”
President of Fabricated Thermoplastics Company
“Always fair and professionally innovative.”
CEO of Chemical Distributor

Customer & Organization

“During my time with the organization I found Matt to be passionate for the customer's needs and focused on driving success throughout the entire organization. He was professional, creative and able to balance a team with diverse talents.”
Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager

Technical Knowledge

“Matt is a clear and logical thinker with deep technical knowledge and was a very valuable member of our group. It was a pleasure getting to know Matt and working with him.“
VP Projects PolymerOhio

Volunteer Activities

“In working with Matt, I have witnessed his generosity, charisma and passion to make a difference in the lives of current Missouri State students and the campus community.”
Director of Development Missouri State University

Continuous Improvement

“He led a variety of teams including R&D, Design and Quality. He was a true asset to the company. Matt was always driving his team to be better. He is not a status quo type of person but rather he was always seeking continuous improvement throughout the business.”
President & Executive Vice President Aviation Products Company
“Matt challenged us all to be better, always focusing on processes for continuous improvement…He created value for the company outside his specific discipline, and helped me to become a better HR partner in the process.”
Director of Human Resources

Strategy, Innovation, & Product Development

“Skilled in cost reductions and innovating performance, Dr. Harthcock applies his engineering background and years of experience to true VA/VE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering) opportunities. Dr. Harthcock is skilled in senior management, facilitating training, and business strategy.”
Engineering Director Colleague while at TransDigm
“He is a creative person by nature and as a result he brought several highly innovative products to market for a company that had a stagnant product development process prior to his arrival.”
President & Executive Vice President Aviation Products Company
“…I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Harthcock and recommend him as a consultant for your industry. He will be able to turn around your technical programs to achieve growth and profitability in your company or educational institution while working with your people in a supportive and encouraging manner.”
Retired Plastics Industry R&D/Technology Vice President, Consultant, and member of Technical Advisory Board which Harthcock established

Problem Solving

“Matt never shied away nor avoided a problem. He always analyzed what the problem was and then put together an effective team to help him find a solution.”
President & Executive Vice President Aviation Products Company
“Matthew was not only technically proficient, but also professional and responsive. His deep knowledge of quality and manufacturing systems, coupled with his ability to drive collaboration across multiple teams allowed us to solve extremely difficult problems and gain new levels of understanding.”
Materials Company Senior Technology Manager

Personal Characteristics

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Matt. He was my colleague initially, then he reported to me. Matt is the type of team player that he helped make me better at my job as well. "
President & Executive Vice President Aviation Products Company
“While Matt is super intelligent and one of the most organized and planful people I have ever met, he is also one of the most caring individuals as well… sought to recognize good performance or send a hand-written note… has a great sense of humor...did not shy away from a good debate and challenged our critical thinking.”
Director of Human Resources

What Training Participants are Saying

“Matthew was great! The most informative and applicable teaching I’ve had in this field.”

“I felt this was very helpful and will try to apply all. Thank you.”

“Awesome. Gather another perspective and a good perspective”

“Matthew was informative and personal. He gave good stories & references”

“Very good and knowledgeable. Like the real life experiences.”
Missouri State University Management Development Institute
(“Leadership Challenge – Obtaining Peak Performance” and “Creating a Competitive Edge from Vision to Customer Loyalty”)

What Affiliate Network Participants Are Saying

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